IndiaRevive's theatre work focuses on the British / Asian audience and is primarily written in Hindi & English. We pride ourselves in telling stories that can make you laugh, cry, encourage you to think, and teach valuable life lessons - all while entertaining you with breathtaking performances. 


All of our productions are musicals with original songs. Details on a few productions can be seen below. 

If you're a budding actor, writer, dancer, choreographer, have a knack for direction production, or are interested in any form of theatre - IndiaRevive would love to hear from you! 


[Screenplay - Romantic Comedy] 

Humsafar is a story of a young doctor Ria who lives with her grandmother and brother Sameer. Being older than Ria, Sameer is naturally protective, especially after the death of their parents. Ria who is very close to her brother has also hidden her life's biggest secret from him... Ayaan. Ayaan is her biggest support and the love of her life, however it's not long until Sameer decides it's time he fulfils the responsibility of getting his younger sister married. 


Sanjog Rai, the son of an industrialist and also a good friend of Sameer - he will do anything and everything possible to get what he wants. Stuck between a possessive Ayaan and an over-protective Sameer, Ria has many hurdles to clear - and having a stubborn Sanjog around doesn't help her situation either. Humsafar shows the path the siblings Ria and Sameer walk to choose their 'Humsafar', the one person they truly believe they can spend the rest of their lives with. 

Kem Cho? 

(Theatre Script - Romantic Comedy)

Sanaa is a 28 year old accountant, born and brought up in London she lives her life in a carefree manner, making every important decision in a whim and committing to anything she feels is intuitively right. As she struggles to find her footing in any relationship she commits to, her family decide to find her a suitable groom from back home in India. Ruchit who is an IT Consultant living in Gujarat has his own reservations of marrying an Indian girl from London due to the culture clash, however situations bring the two together in a rib-tickling comedy, with a fresh eastern-western fusion of desi drama...

The Sound of Silence.

(Theatre Script - Emotional Drama)

The Sound of Silence is a theatre production written to raise awareness on the effects of Global Warming and how natural disasters can affect us in the future. It is a short play that focuses on the life of two families, Mahi & Nihaar who are a young engaged couple and siblings Aaron, Dinah & Leah. Based in a News Studio, Jamaica and London, the story takes us on a silent journey into the lives of these individuals and how one nature called event drastically changes their once beautiful, planned and organised lives...

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