IndiaRevive Entertainment is a production company with a fresh pool of talent who are passionate about Theatre, Music, Film and Art. 


Based in London, UK; we are a young, dynamic and energetic team of composers, musicians, singers, lyricists, artists, actors and skilled personell. Together we are an exceptional blend of talent who simply love what we do. 


We breathe our ambitions and apply our skills to create content that we feel is timeless, with melodies that can last a lifetime and stories that entertain and encompass life changing expriences. 


Our team see IndiaRevive Entertainment as a platform to make an impression and launch our fantastic, young talent in the various industries that they wish to progress their career.


We are not only a platform to start from, we are a team of commited individuals who thrive to give people a chance to use their hidden talent, create a constructive way to exhibit them, and provide training, support and an overall opportunity to shine. 


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